InnerJam is Looking for a Developer Experienced in Building Mobile Music Player Apps

We are looking to hire a freelance software engineer to help us quickly create a proof of concept or a minimum viable product (MVP) for a unique music player app on which we received patent-pending status.

This project involves digital audio processing, measurement, and output. The ideal developer will have a deep understanding of the audio workflow and output in digital devices and preferably someone who has worked with open source music player apps in the past or someone who has built and iterated a mobile music player app on either Android or iOS devices.

This prior experience is important because taking the time to build an entire music player “from scratch” is a waste of development time and energy. There are many mature open source music players available and customizable. Starting with an open source media player or an established app would be the fastest and least expensive way to get a tangible product stitched together. We’d like to continue our market research before expanding to other platforms and building in many, many new features, which will require significant investment.

Initially, we are open to building this proof of concept on either an iOS or Android device. Cross-app development using Xamarin, React Native, etc. is preferential but will depend upon the software engineer’s choice and the overall cost of development on one platform over the other. Speed and cost are more important than app market-size or app market preferences at this stage.

The chosen developer or agency will be credited as a co-inventor of this technology in our final patent application. All benefits remain with founders as “work made for hire” unless a different and explicit agreement is made.

We are open to adding a technical co-founder to our startup, with the right candidate.

Application Specifics:

This app must play two different audio files at the same time but at 2 different volumes.

“File 1” will be played at a volume less than “File 2” so that “File 1” is almost imperceptible to the listener and does not significantly affect the listening experience.

The instantaneous level of the audio signal of “File 2” directly affects the playback volume of “File 1”. The volume of “File 1” increases and decreases instantaneously and proportionately to the levels of “File 2”.

How InnerJam App Works - Audio Signal Processing
How InnerJam Works

The quieter sound is almost imperceptible to the listener and doesn’t significantly affect the listening experience of the louder track.

The intended result lets the user select and play subliminal affirmation audio files at a volume just below a conscious audible threshold while listening to their own music at the same time.

For copyright reasons, the application must not physically alter the original audible sound stream. The application cannot combine the two audio files into a new file that is stored for playback.

The process by which the subliminal track is added, the volume is instantly adjusted and then output must be compatible with music streaming services (future development).


The self-help/self-improvement market is massive. There are many published studies that confirm subliminal affirmations are very effective in changing behavior.

Our theory is that positive subliminal messages are rarely used by those who want to change certain behaviors or overcome psychological challenges because the accompanying music (the “masking track”) is not generally in line with contemporary and popular choices of music or mass appeal. The idea of playing subliminal tracks masked by a user’s own playlist and favorite songs (or music streaming service) will encourage the user to listen to the affirmations regularly. Regular use increases the likelihood that the user will experience the tangible benefits of listening to positive subliminal messages.

We’re excited to get started right away and working to create an MVP or proof of concept to get to market and pitch to investors, potential licensees or crowdfund. Our goal is to find funding for a polished player and expansion upon the overall idea; marketing startups is an area in which our founder has ample experience.


If our requirements are within your skillset or experience and you can quickly build a working proof of concept, we would like to learn more about how we can work together!

Please email us your relevant engineering or software development experience as well as your per hour or estimated project cost to InnerJamApp [at] right away.

If you do not have the experience needed, are too busy or not interested, please feel free to pass this post along to anyone you think could help or will point us in the right direction. We’d be immensely grateful!

We’d be happy to send more information about our development ideas and talk about the direction of this app, too. Email us!

Thank you!

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